Akaito produces Akaito Saffron®, the rarest and highest performing saffron in the world. We also design and make products based on Akaito Saffron® and extracts of it. Each of Akaito’s products is credible, relevant, and unique to our customers’ needs. They also comprise a coherent portfolio for a brand that is practical and delightful to our customers.

There are two ways to work with Akaito: as a contract manufacturer to Akaito for products designed and developed by Akaito and marketed under Akaito’s brand, and as a collaborator in joint development of new products which are marketed under the collaborator’s brand.

Anyone may buy and use Akaito Saffron® and Akaito Fine Extracts™ in their products, but they may not use the Akaito name on their labels or refer to Akaito Saffron® unless under license.

Akaito Fine Extracts™

Fine chemical compounds:

• Crocitin Akaito™ – crocin compounds for cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and therapeutics
• Safranal Akaito™ – for fragrances
• TSC Akaito™ – Trans Sodium Croticinate for therapeutics
• Akaito BioStain™ – biological stain
• AkaitoChrome™ – textile colorant


• Comprehensive stock of various extracts of Akaito Japanese Saffron®

Akaito Dry Forms™

• Dried whole flowers
• Petals
• Anthers

Akaito Wet Forms™

• Fresh whole flowers
• Fresh stigmas
• Petals

Encapsulation Options

• Micelle
• Liposome
• Electrospun nano-encapsulation

Enquiries about Akaito Japanese Saffron®, Akaito Fine Extracts™, and Made with Akaito™-branded products may be sent Mr. Yoshinori Ito, Sales Director, at We are happy to discuss how you can innovate your product development with genuine Akaito products.

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