Exclusive to Japan, our unique terroir produces the rare saffron phenotype called Akaito Saffron®

As with the producing the best wine, suitable soil and climate are essential for cultivating peerless saffron.

Andosol soils represent less than 1% of the world's best ice-free soils and, of those, Japanese Andosol soils are the best in the world: very fertile and young (in geological terms).

Outside Japan, the locations in which almost all of the world's saffron supply is grown is suboptimal for nurturing the saffron plant to reach its full potential.

Exclusive to Japan, our terroir of Andosol (rich volcanic soils), microclimate, mountain water, and mountain elevation produce the rare saffron phenotype called Akaito SaffronAkaito Saffron®


  • Location: Kyushu, Japan
  • Soil Type: Andosol
  • Elevation: 270 m


- Classification: humid subtropical, Köppen-Geiger Cfa
- Barometric pressure: 1,013.7 hPa
- Rainy days: 8 to 12 days/month
- Precipitation: 1,727.0 mm/y
- Depth of snowfall: 1 cm/y
- Daylight hours: 1,992.4 h/y
- Total amount of solar radiation: 13.2 MJ/㎡ per year
- Temperature: 21.1 C (daily max), 12.8 C (daily min), 16.8 C (average)
- Vapor pressure: 14.9 hPa
- Relative humidity: 69%
- Wind direction and speed: 2.6 m/s from south