Thibault Chiumenti

Executive Chef
Park Hyatt Tokyo

Mr. Thibault Chiumenti, Executive Chef of Park Hyatt Tokyo, a five-star luxury hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is a supporter of Akaito Saffron®. We asked this French-born chef who has adopted Asian culture to serve French cuisine in Japan about his past, present, and future goals. (Akaito Limited, Yukina Owashi) 

Chef Thibault Chiumenti

2002 “L’Espadon” at The Ritz Paris (France)
2005 “Daniel” (USA)
2007 “Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok” (Thailand)
2012 Executive Chef, “Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok” (Thailand)
2016 Executive Chef, “The Oberoi Marrakech” (Morocco)
2017 Executive Chef, “Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers” (Hong Kong)
2019 Executive Chef, “St. Regis Singapore” (Singapore)
2022 Executive Chef, “Park Hyatt Tokyo” (Japan)

Childhood in the French countryside. Experiences as a chef in Asia.

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Executive Chef, Mr. Tibor Chiumenti, originally from France, has a unique approach to combining Asian flavors with French cuisine. He grew up west of Paris, near the banks of the Seine. His grandparents raised vegetables and chickens in their garden, and this exposure to seasonal food and nature from an early age was the starting point for his desire to become a chef. In his career as a chef, he worked not only in France but also in hotels in Thailand and Hong Kong, where he was exposed to Asian food culture, which attracted him to incorporate Asian elements into French cuisine. He makes use of the best local ingredients and does not insist on importing ingredients from France, even for French cuisine. Sustainability is an important value for him as well as for the Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Chef Chiumenti loves working as a chef. There are so many different cooking methods and ingredients that you could study every day and never know them all. He says he is constantly inspired by the new things he sees wherever he goes. That is why he said that as a chef it is very important to always keep your eyes open, look around, and keep learning. He also described his job as a chef as “a job that allows me to connect with people and provide them with inspiration and happiness through food.” He hopes to bring his guests a special experience through his culinary passion.

His team is like a family whose members support each other

Chef Chiumenti emphasized the need for great teamwork to provide the best possible experiences for his guests. His philosophy is that true success is achieved through teamwork, growing and challenging together. He described his own work as 100% team work. He said that you cannot run a restaurant without the team, and that the members are like a family, helping one another. When there is a challenge, he shares his ideas with all members, including younger staff and trainees. He said, “Everyone is indispensable in our work, we are part of a team, and we always work together as one.”

Encounter with Akaito Saffron®︎

Chef Chiumenti is no stranger to saffron, and his encounter with Akaito Saffron®︎ was a new discovery for him—Japan also has high quality saffron with strong flavor. In his saffron-based cuisine, he emphasizes the importance of overall balance of the dish, while allowing the saffron flavor to shine through.

Chef Chiumenti’s saffron dish at the College Culinaire du Japon (CCJ) 2023 Gala Dinner.

To young chefs

Chef Chiumenti speaks to the younger generation about the importance of not giving up on their dreams and continuing to do their best. He says that the key to success is to understand that the culinary world is not only a glittering part of the world, but actually requires a lot of hard work and passion, and to keep that passion alive. But at the same time, he adds, “There is no doubt that being a chef is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world, worth dedicating your life to. The most wonderful thing is when your food brings a big smile to the customer’s face, as if they had the best meal of their life.”

Chef Chiumenti’s future dream

His future goal is to continue working in the hospitality industry and one day become a general manager of a hotel. He believes that his current experience as the executive chef will be very useful in his future challenge. Although he will no longer be a chef at that time, he is committed to continuing to work toward his big goal. At the same time, he believes that working as the executive chef at Park Hyatt Tokyo will certainly enhance his experience, and that his departure from the kitchen will provide greater opportunities for younger chefs. The hotel and restaurant environment which he has admired since he was a child is still a wonderful place for him to work in and a place where he wants to continue his passion.

A word to your customers

“Our team is always here to provide you with the best experience possible. Our top priority is to provide our guests with an enjoyable time and a great experience. We look forward to serving you.”

Park Hyatt Tokyo

3-7-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1055, Japan
Website: Park Hyatt Tokyo – Dining <LINK>

* Park Hyatt Tokyo will be closed for renovation from May 7, 2024. The hotel is scheduled to reopen in 2025.