Craft Gin【Akaito Saffron®︎ x Tatsumi Distillery (Alchemiae)】

サフラン クラフトジン アルケミエ辰巳蒸溜所
Tatsumi Distillery’s craft gin has many fans around the world. The unique label is also designed by Mr. Tatsumi.

Craft gin from the Tatsumi Distillery (Alchemiae) in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture met Akaito saffron ®︎. It was born on the new moon day in November 2022. The beautiful yellow colour from the saffron, the elegant aroma and the flavour of juniper berries mixed with saffron, clean yet slightly spicy after taste – this limited production of special craft gin was well received by the lucky few customers who could purchase it. 【Sold out. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, there are no plans to restock.】