2023 Saffron Harvest

We have harvested this year’s Akaito Saffron®︎ in our Akaito Farm in Saga prefecture.

サフラン 乾燥サフラン 雌しべ Saffron  Dry   Stigma
Akaito’s unique drying method will create rich aroma of Akaito Saffron®︎. We will delivery them in the Japanese style wooden box (kiribako).
Only 3 stigmas are available from each flower. Akaito’s corms are big and stigmas are also long and strong.
佐賀 サフラン農場 Akaitoファーム Saga Saffron Akaito Farm
The rice terrace in the valley of Hayanose, Kashima city, Saga prefecture. The terroir here grow our Akaito Saffron.